Ærø Kunsthal presents contemporary art exhibitions by Danish and international artists.

The Kunsthalle does not have its own art collection, but is a place for vibrant and creative art with changing exhibitions.

Ærø Kunsthal is an art hall of international standard and offers exhibitions of high artistic quality, ranging from contemporary art and inspirations to avant-garde artists.

The artists are directly related to the exhibitions, so that both the guests and the artists can relate to each other and enter into an artistic dialogue.

The renovation of the Ærø Kunsthal from the old merchants house to the art hall creates an artistic dialogue between past and present. The combination of new and old materials and their use play a major role here.

Ærø Kunsthal will house all art forms that show that the world has an infinite number of facets: painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, films, photos, mixed media and graphic prints.

Exhibition: 30 may – 30 aug 2020
Opening: 30 may 14:00
Vestergade 41 A-C, 5970 Ærøskøbing, DenMark

Participating artists 2020:
Angelika Pietsch
Annette Wier
Brigitte Støvring
Erik Boye
Gitte Svendsen
Grethe Wittrock
Maarten van Aken
Roald Tellnes
Stine Leth
Jonas Freden
Jesse Harrod
Marie J. Engelsvold
Beth Mohr
Christy Powers